Blogger of THOE

I'm glad, that you've found my blog and I hope you like it!

Summing up yourself on a bio page is always mad, right?

Ok,ok, let's see. My name is Jenn and I'm the author behind this blog.
I live in Germany with my mum and I'm training to be a cosmetician.
I'm enthusiast of all things in the area "books, make up tutorials and Disney and
I  love to write about these.
This blog was born in December of  2013, when I visited a new school.

I started  blogging with 2 awesome girls, but they help me in the background now.

Now I will start, why I have called my Blog "The Hell of Everything"?
Well, I didn't want to have a typical blog name, which would have limited myself to have a theme.
I wanted a name, where I could decide,
which theme I want to write.
One of my favorite band inspired me with the song
"Welcome to Hell".
But for me, hell has nothing to do with religious views,
rather with the things about which I blog. I mean, my blog theme
which men don't care about for some of them is my blog their hell.
And "Everything" means I can freely decide and I can free write about my
interest or what inspired me.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the lovely people who support and inspired me.

Special thanks to my Mum, Alex(Bär), Philip and my Instagram Followers.

I'll never forget, how much I owe to blogging.

Still a little information for you, I'm not a native speaker, therefore can be contain some mistakes.

Do you want more information about me then you can
ask anytime or you follow me on 

Instagram: Jenneightdoll
Twitter: Jenneightdoll

Facebook: The Hell of Everything